In 2018, we publicly launched a comprehensive fundraising campaign for Northwell Health, Outpacing the Impossible. The funds raised by the Northwell Health Walks are an important part of this campaign because when we walk and support programs in our communities, we can help provide quality health care to those who need it most.

We believe in the power and potential impact of taking on challenges and going where others won’t. Our ambition is to innovate, and it’s a part of everything we do. As a nonprofit organization, philanthropic contributions help to fuel innovation.

At Northwell, we don’t settle for the norm in health care. Because of our vision and courage to follow it, we have set our sights high to raise funds for our hospitals and programs. Through the generosity and support of our communities, and each other, we will push our standards even further for the best care to better the lives of every person we touch.

In this moment, we all stand together for every patient who reaps the benefits of our discoveries. We see so many ways to bring a better world into being… A world that others think is impossible, becomes very possible with you by our side. Together, we embody the momentum that carries us into a healthier, better future for our community. Together, we will outpace the impossible.